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Entry #2

Arrg! Banned...

2007-08-31 05:20:09 by ZerotheRelentless

...over that same bullshit "posting in a spam topic" rule. 'Cuz, y'know, when a topic gets deleted, there flames are still there, n' shit. I imagine i'm not the first one to bitch about this rule, but still. It really is ridiculous. I mean, if it IS a spam topic, shouldn't the trouble stop when it's deleted along with the author banned? I really think this is just a way to ban people for the LULZ , like a speed trap on a main highway or something. It really is backhanded and wrong, even if it is a smidge true. Some shit these mods need to let go, because this the THIRD time this has happened! The first time i didn't even realize it was a spam topic, but i got banned anyway.

Seriously, something needs to be done. This shit needs to stop.

Arrg! Banned...


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2007-08-31 06:20:22

The point of the rule is to stop people from acknowledging spammers. That way mods can minimize lulz


2007-08-31 07:28:16

Rules are rules, and if you can't take that, don't go back into the BBS.


2007-08-31 10:29:41

I was banned for this a week ago didnt even know why until now
dumb rule